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All women, at one point in their lives, experience problems related to their female make-up. Aging brings about many changes in a woman’s body. Each decade offers new challenges and developments.

In our 20’s and 30’s we worry about birth control, childbirth, and the start of our careers.

In our 40’s and 50’s we are faced with changing hormones and menopause, not to mention other developmental challenges in our families and careers that affect our health.

Into our 60’s and 70’s many more changes are occurring potentially involving the pelvic floor. We may become concerned about more and more chronic health imbalances and experience less energy.

Women in their 80’s and 90’s, while still often active and vibrant, can experience more serious problems with their pelvic health, combined with ongoing health challenges. At every age we may be faced with an acute health crisis, mobility problems, or major challenges in our lives that create stress and worry. All these aspects of life can have an
impact on a woman’s health and well being.

Dr. Plucknett and staff treat women of all ages with problems pertaining to a woman’s anatomy, taking into consideration all these factors that can have an impact on a woman’s life and health.

We feel every woman should be educated and inspired to make good choices for their
health, specifically when it comes to gynecological issues and pelvic health.

The fancy term, “pelvic health” basically refers to the part of a woman’s anatomy that includes the vagina, the pelvis, the uterus, the bladder and rectum. All these parts of the body work together to create pelvic health. If one part of this pelvic system is not working properly problems can begin and medical treatment may be necessary.

We believe that it is important for you to understand how your female anatomy affects your overall health and lifestyle and become educated on options to correct problems or imbalances.

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